The Gift Of Love – I

The Valentine’s excitement is just a week away and most of you might have already thought of how to make the women of your life feel special that day. And if you intend to spend it just like any ordinary day then prepare yourself to bear the consequences.

A woman loves to be felt special and if the love of her life is doing it then sky is the limit for her excitement. Frankly speaking it’s not that difficult to make her happy. Girls usually find happiness is small things which are done effortlessly. Here are few simple & effortless yet very unique ways to make your love happy and felt special. 1) On Valentine’s Day devote your 100 percent to her. Avoid giving here silly excuses like “I love you, but I am a guy and I do not know how to express my love to you”, “Each day is special for us we don’t need a Valentine’s Day to celebrate our love”. She’ll be disheartened. 2) Tell her ‘I love you’ every 2 hours, message her, call her, send her a cute email or tell her face to face. 3) The next best thing to feel the ‘love in the air’ is the most reliable chocolates, preferably heart shaped wrapped in red wrapper or a wrapper of her favorite color.

4) Buy her flowers, and if she is a working women then send some flowers to her workplace with a short yet sweet note. It will make her smile even if she is highly stressed.

5) Send her an expressive Valentines card by tea time to her desk at work or her house (if it’s not a secret relationship that is :P )

6) When you meet her in the evening for a well planned dinner do not forget to fill your car backseat with Valentine gifts just for her. Buy her clothes, earrings, bags etc.

And if you guys are close to getting married or are married then definitely go for a designer sari for her. Do not forget the most special heart shaped cushion which will remind her of you and your love even in your absence. (All these things are easily available on online shopping portals like but see that you keep a margin of atleast a week for the products to be delivered).

7) A show is incomplete without a perfect ending and to give this evening a touch of perfection give her scented candles followed by a loved letter beautifully written on a designer love letter filled with emotions and romance. Keep the best for the last.

So this Valentine’s Day, make that ‘Special’ person in your life feel ‘Special’.



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