Interview of Bhavik Jhaveri – Co Founder

Insights on Penetration of ecommerce in India and platforms (technology) used in ecommerce.

Mr.Bhavik Jhaveri
Co-Founder and Director – Technology,
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Mr.Bhavik Jhaveri is Passionate first generation Serial Entrepreneur and Digital Commerce Observer. He comes with rich experience in ecommerce technology, he has empowered some the best Ecommerce Startups, some of them were among India’s first group buying platforms. His current role is as Co-Founder and Director – Technology at, which is a leading e-retail brand in luxury handcrafted, organic and green crafted products. Here Mr.Jhaveri is sharing some insights on penetration of ecommerce in India and his latest venture “”

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07th January 2012, India

1) What’s the most preferred technology used in eCommerce in India and why?

Frankly, it is not the preference of technology which counts but scalability and sustainability of the platforms is what matters. All Start-ups starts today with something basic and once they grow they face a huge technical bottleneck. I would suggest quick to launch is one of the criteria but start-ups should focus more one Scalable and Flexible platforms as migrating data from one platform to other would be huge challenge later.

2) What technology you recommend for start-ups in ecommerce and why?

I prefer using LAMP and then as data grows good indexing technologies like SOLR, SPHINX etc and NOSQL technologies should be looked at. Also Caching technologies and CDN are now hugely and preferably used for better performance and security. I think today it’s more critical to have a right mix of right technologies and there is no straight formula for it. Depending on business needs a right mix of various technologies should really make your IT infra very effective.

Technologies like Ruby on Rails, Java are also largely popular for their stricter frameworks and are preferred largely in foreign markets and are now penetrating India.

Ecommerce companies should also focus largely on enterprise software like ERP, CRM, SFA, ORM, WMS as automation of business and transparency in transactions / inventory becomes most critical aspect of the business.

Business Intelligence and Data mining tools should again be planned in very early stage to keep a close eye on Sales, Customer, Trend, ROI and other business Analytics

3) What’s the motivation behind starting a new venture “”?

The reason for starting was to give an opportunity to artisans, NGOs and even housewives that make unique items at home to display their designs to the world. This gap existed and thus Craftsvilla was started. Craftsvilla basically was started by Monica Gupta and Manoj Gupta around 1 year back. When I met Manoj 6 months back Craftsvilla was already funded and were having large expansion plans and Tech was one there critical aspects. I have been working with quite a no. of teams in past but Craftsvilla had a clear IT vision and looked challenging. We were just 4-5 people team then and have grown to 70 people in just 6 months and IT being the largest Team and strength. As soon I joined we transferred our existing legacy ecommerce tool to a new custom made tool, We are India’s 1st company to have launched SAP on cloud, We have a complete Market Place model enabled at our Web store and both our Sellers and Buyers have a complete access of their transactional information with tightly built Dispute resolution system. We are still heavily recruiting in IT and our utter focus is to build completely automated, transparent and artificial intelligence based system for both our seller and buyers.

4) Shopo has also Dived-in Online Handicraft Space, how you look at it?

We welcome them and frankly as more and more firms join this domain its good for the industry as consumers get more options and it helps grow the online consumer community as every start-up promotes the space. We want more and more consumers to move Online for their needs and as the no. of players increase consumers gets a better competitive edge and improves their decision making which leads to sale.

5) How different is it from developing ecommerce portal for someone else and now for your own company “Kribha Handicrafts”?

There is not much difference as I have always been passionate about developing and trying new things. In both cases we have deliveries and releases to be made and bottom line for me is “Business Should not Suffer” may it be mine or my clients.

6) One advice you want to give to young entrepreneurs who are coming in ecommerce.

Please reconsider your idea if it’s just e-retail.

Ecommerce to me is not just selling but its more about structuring and customer relationship building. If your business is adding any value in structuring any unstructured market than you are on right track. Also, having passion for the industry that you are starting a business in is critical as you will work day/night on your business and passion is needed for motivation.

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